LAVIS (Learning and Visual Systems)

DeepCA (Deep Content Analytics)

Publications and Talks


  • An End-to-end Model for Entity-level Relation Extraction using Multi-Instance Learning. Markus Eberts, Adrian Ulges; EACL'21.
  • CoRT: Complementary Rankings from Transformers. (Paper | Code) Marco Wrzalik and Dirk Krechel; Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL-HLT 2021).
  • Open-World Knowledge Graph Completion Benchmarks for Knowledge Discovery. Felix Hamann, Adrian Ulges, Dirk Krechel, Ralph Bergmann; International Conference on Industrial, Engineering & Other Applications of Applied Intelligent Systems (IEA/AIE 2021).
  • Neural Semantic Search in German Legal Documents. Marco Wrzalik, Marcel Lamott, Adrian Ulges, Dirk Krechel; Internationales Rechtsinformatik Symposium (IRIS21).


  • Span-based Joint Entity and Relation Extraction with Transformer Pre-training (Paper | Code) Markus Eberts, Adrian Ulges; ECAI'20; Jun 2020
  • ManyEnt: A Dataset for Few-shot Entity Classification Markus Eberts, Kevin Pech, Adrian Ulges; COLING'20; Dec 2020.
  • Relation Specific Transformations for Open World Knowledge Graph Completion Haseeb Shah, Johannes Villmow, Adrian Ulges; TextGraphs Workshop 14 Workshop @ COLING'20; Dec 2020.
  • Neural Entity Linking on Technical Service Tickets. Nadja Kurz, Felix Hamann, Adrian Ulges; SDS'20; Jul 2020.
  • HSRM-LAVIS at TREC 2020 Deep Learning Track: Neural First-stage Ranking Complementing Term-based Retrieval Marco Wrzalik; TREC-Workshop; Nov 2020.
  • Bidirectional Transformer Language Models for Smart Autocompletion of Source Code. Felix Binder, Johannes Villmow, Adrian Ulges; SENSYBLE Workshop @ INFORMATIK 2020.
  • Citcom - Citation Recommendation Melina Meyer, Jenny Frey, Tamino Laub, Marco Wrzalik and Dirk Krechel; SENSYBLE Workshop @ INFORMATIK 2020.


  • Hamming Sentence Embeddings for Information Retrieval (Paper | Code) Felix Hamann, Nadja Kurz, Adrian Ulges; arXiv:1808.07334; Aug 2019
  • An Open-World Extension to Knowledge Graph Completion Models (Paper | Code) Haseeb Shah, Johannes Villmow, Adrian Ulges, Ulrich Schwanecke, Faisal Shafait; AAAI'19, Jan 2019
  • Balanced Word Clusters for Interpretable Document Representation Marco Wrzalik, Dirk Krechel. ICDAR Workshops (ICDARW)'19
  • Document Distance Metric Learning in an Interactive Exploration Process Marco Wrzalik. SIGIR'19
  • Seq2SQL -Evaluating Different Deep Learning Architectures Using Word Embeddings Kevin Stowers, Dirk Krechel; MLDM'19.
  • Semantic Code Search with Neural Bag-of-Words and Graph Convolutional Networks. Anna Abad Sieper, Omar Amarkhel, Savina Diez and Dominic Petrak; SKILL Student Conference @ INFORMATIK 2020 (best paper award).